You will soon be able to talk to Google’s AI bot


After Microsoft unveiled a slew of AI-powered features to its search engine Bing, Google is trying to keep up with the pace and recently unveiled its own version of the ChatGPT, named Bard. It wasn’t a smooth launch, but according to Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, the company is making rapid improvements.

You will soon be able to engage in a conversation with Google's AI bot

For instance, the search engine team is working on a conversational feature like the ChatGPT one. In an interview, Pichai clarified that people will be able to engage in a conversation with an LLM-powered bot (large language model).

Google’s boss sees this as a big opportunity rather than a threat. And given that the company holds more than 93% of the total search engine market, the upcoming feature will likely be more impactful than the ChatGPT Bing combo. In case, of course, it’s executed properly. However, Sundar Pichai didn’t give any time frame, but we suspect it won’t be long as the company is pressed for time.


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