Top 10 trending phones of week 14

Week 14’s trending chart holds many of the same phones as last week, but there are still significant changes all around. Samsung’s Galaxy A54 is once again the most popular phone in our database, but the second place goes to Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 12 Pro. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra retains its third place, while last…

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Beware of Fake Facebook Profiles, Google Ads Pushing Sys01 Stealer

For now, SYS01 stealer is targeting Facebook accounts of employees working for manufacturing companies, critical government infrastructures, and other sensitive industries. The cybersecurity researchers at Morphisec have revealed details of an advanced information-stealing malware campaign which they began tracking in November 2022. They dubbed the malware SYS01 Stealer. Researchers noted that SYS01 Stealer has been…

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Samsung Galaxy A14 5G review

Introduction We rarely get to play around with US-specific smartphones of a more budget stature. That hasn’t stopped us from recommending the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G, sight unseen if you’re looking for a handset in the $200 ballpark, but we still felt a more thorough approach was fitting. So, with that in mind, we tracked…

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