Mullvad VPN and Tor Project Release Mullvad Browser

Good news for those seeking online privacy and anonymity as Mullvad Browser is now available for free download. Mullvad VPN and the Tor Project have partnered to launch the Mullvad Browser, a new privacy-focused web browser. The browser has been developed to offer users a secure browsing experience and to minimize tracking and fingerprinting. Mullvad…

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Prompt engineering and jailbreaking: Europol warns of ChatGPT exploitation

Europol has expressed concerns about the possibility of cybercriminals exploiting ChatGPT through various techniques to bypass the safety features implemented by OpenAI to prevent harmful content generation. Open AI’s ChatGPT has one of the fastest-growing user bases with over 100 million active users. While it’s a success for users and investors, this also makes the…

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Android voice chat app with 5m installs leaked user chats

OyeTalk was leaking unencrypted data through unprotected access to Firebase, Google’s mobile application development platform that provides cloud-hosted database services. A popular Android voice chat app, OyeTalk, has leaked private user data, including their unencrypted chats, usernames, and cellphone International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers. With over five million downloads on Google Play, the app…

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