Apple to make a UI design overhaul with watchOS 10

According to a new report by Mark Gurman for Bloomberg, Apple’s watchOS 10 update will steal the spotlight during this year’s WWDC scheduled for June 5. Reportedly, the company will announce a big design and feature overhaul with watchOS 10.

Apple to make a UI design overhaul with watchOS 10

There are a couple of solid arguments why this will likely happen. First off, the hardware upgrade for this year’s Apple Watch is rumored to be quite modest. so Apple is looking for a way to persuade new buyers or existing users to upgrade. Secondly, the new iOS 17 update will bring only a handful of new features and optimizations. And thirdly, the watchOS has stayed relatively static for the past few years. So it’s time for a significant upgrade.

Of course, Gurman bases his report on speculations and market analysis, so we can’t be entirely sure. We will know once WWDC commences on June 5.


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